Curious About Jeeters in San Francisco? Here’s What You Need to Know

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Cannabis | 0 comments

How much do you know about Jeeters in San Francisco? The ongoing expansion of the recreational cannabis market in California has prompted cannabis brands to improve their business models in an effort to become more competitive, and there’s a brand that has truly excelled in this regard. That brand is Jeeter, a Golden State company that specializes in pre-rolls.

Jeeter is a lifestyle brand that caters to people who appreciate modern cannabis culture. In addition to offering amazing pre-rolls, Jeeter routinely organizes music festivals and social gatherings; plus, it also promotes fashion apparel lines and sustainable cultivation processes. As for the pre-rolls, they are made with quality strains that go through an infusion process to maximize flavor and potency.

With pre-rolls such as Banana Peel Baby, which is infused with cannabis kief and diamond THC concentrate, you get a thorough smoking experience. These products come in a jar packed with five pre-rolls, which are plenty for a group of five or more friends. The total weight is 2.4 grams of flower and 0.1 grams of concentrate plus the sprinkled kief, but these products pack a punch and are better for experienced smokers. If you prefer a more traditional approach, try the Jeeter Apple and Bananas single pre-roll, which clocks at one gram of hybrid flower infused with concentrate and kief.

So, now that you know what Jeeters in San Francisco is all about, the next step would be to head over to a reputable dispensary and see which pre-rolls they have added to the menu.

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