Why Washington Dispensaries Are Still Required to Tag Products with Warning

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Cannabis | 0 comments

Dispensaries in Washington State have been providing quality marijuana and CBD products to consumers for over twenty years. Yet, if you walk into a dispensary in this state now, you may be surprised to see that every product is tagged with warning labels. If it’s legal, why does it have to be tagged? There are some good reasons for that.

State Government Requires It

The governing bodies in the state of Washington require these warning labels because marijuana products and derivatives are still federally illegal. It is a drug, and it does have to be monitored when used. Even when states make weed legal, the labels remain to inform consumers that it’s still a drug.

Dispensaries in Washington Can Only Sell to Adults over 21

You have to be 21 in the state of Washington to enter a dispensary and buy products. It doesn’t matter what you intend to purchase. You still have to be 21 years old. The warnings are there to remind adults while also preventing children who can read from misusing the products.

That said, once you find a couple dispensaries in Washington that you really like, follow the rules set forth by state law and the dispensary. The laws and rules exist to ensure that your favorite dispensaries can continue operating and that you will have a safe and fun time.

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