Some of the Best Cannabis Products Are Found in Big Rapids, Michigan

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Michigan’s legalized pot industry has boomed in the last couple of years. The returns for the state have helped alleviate some of the state’s financial strains too. People from neighboring states visit Michigan when their states do not have legal cannabis products. Some of the best cannabis products in Big Rapids are the ones customers from other states come to buy.


Not everyone smokes, and not everyone can smoke. For that, you can buy edibles. The oil of cannabis is incorporated into popular dessert items like cookies, cookie bars, and brownies. There are also chocolates and other types of edibles. If you’re a marijuana tourist from another state, consume responsibly and don’t take it back to states where it isn’t legal.

Visiting a Cannabis Shop in Big Rapids

To buy the best cannabis products in Big Rapids, you have to follow the rules. One, you have to be over 21 to enter the shop. Yes, they will card you, so make sure you have your license with you. Two, there are limits on how much of each kind of product you can buy. If you’re not sure what or how much to buy, store employees can help. They are trained to know the products and what Michigan law allows.

Payments for cannabis products in a Michigan dispensary can be made in cash, debit, or credit. To get the most bang for your buck, visit Premiere Provisions at to place a pick-up order or to see what they have.

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