Big Rapids MI High THC Loud Live Resin Concentrate Blunt Rolling Tips

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Our local area offers some of the best cannabis products in Big Rapids. With quality growers and preparers supplying to committed processors, vendors and budtenders, diversity and premium quality are the norm.

Question: What’s the best way to combine live resin concentrate and OG dry flower blunts? When you want to up your game and explore new degrees of couch lock, consider live resin blunts.

The Triple-Wrapped Taco

If you like wrapped tacos, thick tacos and chalupas, you’re going to love the triple-wrapped taco. It’s not an official name, just the closest in description. It entails applying live resin concentrate between two sheets of stacked blunt or rolling paper.

Grind and roll your flower as you normally would. The double layers of paper smeared with resin give your blunt an incredible wallop of THC that turns regular smoking sessions into THC fiestas.

The Resinous Blunt

Resinous blunts contain dry flower and concentrate wrapped in a paper of your choice. Grind and arrange the dry flower of your choice atop your chosen paper. Apply a line of live resin concentrate down the center of the blunt, atop the flower.

Roll the blunt, taking care not to touch the resin. You only a need thin line, by the way. Some choose to dust their finished, rolled resin blunt with more resin and a sprinkling of kief.

The Power Pipe

OG smokers who love pipes and bowls, rejoice! Add live resin concentrate on top of the dry, ground flower in your pipe or your bowl. Some of the best cannabis products in Big Rapids are next-gen butter, shatter and resin. All can be dosed via smoking.

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