Long Beach Curated Live Resin, Rosin Products: What Are They, What’s Best?

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If you’re new to cannabis and cannabis products, you’ve seen or heard about resin and rosin. In addition, there are also live resin, live rosin and “curated” versions of each. What are they, and which is the best? Wise, local budtenders offer the following quick answers.

Stiiizy Long Beach Resin and Rosin: Twin THC Sisters

Both resin and rosin are powerful sources of cannabinoids. They deliver a wallop, engendering feelings of calm, creativity, happiness and a sense of well-being. Cannabis flower trichomes produce resin naturally. Resin extraction entails the use of solvents.

Rosin extraction differs because it involves high heat and pressure, not solvents. Many widely available cannabis products contain various concentrations of resin and rosin. They come in cart, pod and various edible forms.

Live and Curated Resin and Rosin:

Live resin and rosin derive from premium dry flower picked at the height of freshness. Producers then flash-freeze the flower to preserve the fullest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Dried, properly cured flowers are the source of cured resin, called “Curated” by the brand Stiizy.

Cured rosin is the result of rosin that’s cured after extraction. Curing can happen at the producer’s level and continue in the customer’s home. Cured rosin is rosin sealed in a container and aged for hours to days.

As it ages, its texture changes, its room temperature shelf life gets longer and its terpene profile takes on newer, more complex tasting notes. All of the above products “stack” excellently with other Stiiizy Long Beach cannabis products, like prerolls, flower, tinctures and topicals.

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