Looking for the Best Bay Area Cannabis? Try Fig Farms in San Francisco

by | Jul 1, 2024 | CBD Product | 0 comments

Legalizing the recreational cannabis market has been a very positive development for flower connoisseurs who appreciate top-shelf strains, the kind that can only be sourced from reputable dispensaries. While many brands are competing in this market segment, many cannabis connoisseurs prefer to stick with a respectable brand with a solid track record, and this is certainly the case with Fig Farms in San Francisco.

Fig Farms is a cannabis brand from the Bay Area; it was formed by a partnership of breeders and cultivators who started in the Emerald Triangle during the medical marijuana area. With the shift in cannabis legislation, the company expanded its growing operations to the Sonoma wine country, Arizona, and Illinois while keeping its offices in Oakland. The brand has been featured in publications such as High Times, Forbes, and LA Weekly; plus, its strains have won many Emerald Cups.

When you get strains from Fig Farms in San Francisco, you will get to see, smell, taste, and feel what top-shelf cannabis is all about. With this in mind, here are two hybrid strains that the brand has recently made available for California dispensaries:

Dark Karma

Here you have a sativa-dominant hybrid that has become known for its uplifting and cerebral effects; plus, the colorful buds look like Christmas trees.

Kush Newton

This one is a relaxing and euphoric indica with a complex flavor profile that includes notes of grapes and sweet pastries. Kush Newton has a genetic lineage that goes back to indica strains grown for medical purposes.

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